Friday, December 31, 2010

Maybe a New Years Ride....

Well I know this is a Blog about Winter Riding in the Midwest but it is 50 some degrees on New Years Eve, Maybe I'll do a midnight ride, it should still be a bit warm, Well to all have a great New Years and be safe!
Good Bye to 2010 to some a good year, to some not so good, but Lets hear it for 2011....Best year yet!


Last ride of the year

Well this blog is about winter cycling in Snowy Cold Milwaukee WI. But today the last day of the year it is going to be over 50 degree's... This winter is far from over so follow us to see how we do it. I will post how we dress for winter how we equip our bikes for winter cycling and what maintenance is involved for both bike and rider for the challenges of winter cycling.