Monday, December 5, 2011

Biking in the Snow & Rain, and Mud & Muck

  Snow biking has truly begun in Milwaukee today.  Scattered rain/snow showers all day makes for a messy commute.  Be extra careful today because snow may or may not accumulate on roads, especially bridges.  It also may or may not be frozen when your riding.  I know when I ride home tonight it will be dark and the temps will most likely be below freezing.  Remember to not only be careful for yourself but also of other drivers.  I saw a mini van slide into an intersection behind me this morning and almost take me out.

I wore my REI rain suit with a light long-sleeve base layer from Prana.  Gators, waterproof gloves from Sealskin, and an isolated cycling cap with ear flaps.  And yes that is snow collected on the brim of my hat.

Don't forget to come to my Winter Cycling Clinic tomorrow night from 6-8pm at the Brookfield Wheel & Sprocket.  Fun, facts, and some fiction assisted by free drinks and discounts for attendees.  

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Riding in Milwaukee Rain

  Just because it's raining doesn't mean it's unpleasant to be out riding.  You just have to dress for the occasion.

Today I wore my REI Taku rain pants and jacket with some cross country ski gators from Mountain Hardware, and my Gore-Tex lined Merrell Chameleon shoes.  The shoes are my every day pair, and the gators and pants I got on end of the season clearance at REI a few years ago.  Also notice the full fenders on the bike and a 700 lumen NiteRider headlight for coming home after dark tonight.

Also remember that Milwaukee Public Transit has bike racks on the buses so you can always right part way to the bus stop and take the bus the rest of the way.

Don't forget about my Winter Cycling Clinic coming up next week Tuesday Dec. 6th at Wheel & Sprocket's Brookfield store.  This is your chance to meet other winter riders, talk about different techniques and styles of riding.  And most importantly come enjoy the free drink and discounts on P&A for attendees.