Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lake LX140 Review

  Finally we have a little more wintery weather again this week.  It was a great morning for me to test out my new winter bike shoes some more.  I've been riding to work in these for about a week now and I have to say for the price I really like them.
These shoes are on closeout at our Wheel & Sprocket's internet store for $49.88 right now.  Check them out at

As you can see in the picture they are water proof, but only up to the neoprene cuff which is pretty standard for winter shoes.  I do ride with fenders on my bike but I still find it nice to have ski gators on to cover the bottom of my pants from spray.

They are a little bit narrow so if you have a wide foot these are probably not the shoes for you.  The Velcro straps are nice and easy to use but I fin that the top one digs into my ankle a little if I kneel down.  Not a problem when I'm riding just if I'm climbing stairs.
I've never had any problems clipping in or out even with packed snow, and besides the stairs they're pretty comfortable to walk around in.
They also have this interesting feature.  On a Shimano M324 pedal the tread on the shoe is spaced perfectly to fit in between the studs on the platform side of the pedal as this picture demonstrates.  So I get really good grip on the pedal even before I clip in.

I have had some problems on really cold days with my toes getting cold but not the rest of my foot.  I suspect that this is because the shoe is so narrow and long so there is a little room in front of my toes even though the shoe fits everywhere else.  If I put a little paper in the end to fill that space it's no problem though.
Bottom line I give these shoes a silver star.  There are some slight fit issues that I mentioned but they do their job well and you can't beet the price for a winter shoe especially.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to Winter Biking 2012

  I have to apologize for not posting for an entire month.  Between catching a cold, two deaths in my family, and a busy holiday schedule I had no time to post and little to post about.  But now I'm back!

The winter cycling clinic at Wheel & Sprocket was successful though we didn't have quite the turnout I would have liked.  Thank you to all of you who attended, I hope you were able to pick up some great stuff at a discount to help you get through this winter.  Sadly since I was running the event alone I don't have any pictures of it.

Two days later I also MCed The Milwaukee Bicycle Collective's third annual Winter Biking Forum at The Riverwest Public House this year.  That I do have pictures of however.

Thank you to every one who attended this event as well.  Not quite as large a turn out as last year but still pretty successful.  My may try starting earlier next year both date wise and time wise.  If you have any feedback about either of these events please let me know.  We improve through newer better information and the comments of an audience carry the most weight of course.

As for winter cycling in 2012, so far it feels more like Fall then January weather.  Be thankful and keep your bike clean right now.  There is a lot of salt on the road already even though the roads are clear.