Sunday, February 27, 2011


Gore Face Mask THUMBS UP

Gore Oxygen Shoe Covers
... Still testing.

Gore Xenon Gloves... Great gloves
Nice and warm great fit great sizing only one complaint
the reflective piping on the index finger crosses right at your fingers nail line and is annoying... If that was fixed these would be a gold star!

Hincapie Sports Merino Wool Base Layers ...... Still testing

Also testing this product sent to us for testing. The Warmfront fits nice At first I thought a lil funny. but it seems to work great! Doesn't move around. This so far is a winner I would like to try it with a few different Jackets... This week it will get tested more..

Here is a link to there site and here I am in it with my Pearl Izumi Pro Jacket Fit nice and is very comfortable! This week more testing...

Yes It Is The Midwest...

Well temps dropping again so we can do some testing... In the next week we will be testing some Gore Xenon WS Gloves Gore Face Mask, Gore Oxygen Shoe covers Hincapie Sports Merino Wool Base Layers

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Drivers...

Dear Drivers, I don't know if you noticed but we received 4-6 inches of freezing rain, snow and sleet last night. The roads are a mess. There is no where else for me to ride except in the city streets that I'm legally supposed to be riding on. I'd appreciate it if you'd pass me with the 3 feet required by law, if not a little courtesy as well. If a 40 foot long bus can do it I'm sure your front wheel drive sedans, and especially your 4-wheel drive SUVs, can do it too. Thanks


A rider looking for his place on the road.

-P.S. These Giro Proof gloves worked really well today. They say they're rated for 30F degrees but it was 28F today and my hands were sweating. I'm sure they would be fine down into the single digits or lower.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hit The Pavement As Soon As The Snow Clears

The snow is melting quickly and the roads are clearing so I decided to go for a true road ride. But I refused to be cold.

It seamed like a good excuse to test out some of the new GORE gear we received recently. So I donned these flashy booties and the super sleek balaclava and went out looking for adventure.

And all I found was this beautiful day....
And a beautiful view of our fare city.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Soldier On!

Spring is coming. Remember to adjust your load out accordingly soldier. Less warm more waterproof.

Still Warm......

We got a lot of good products to try out manufactures are sending lots of product for us to evaluate. But the temps are not conducive to testing cold weather gear.... Nice to have warm weather and sunshine, but when were trying to test cold weather gear? Hmmm Maybe we will do some warm weather gear testing, that way it is guaranteed to get cold... All go just enjoy your ride and dress right. This weekend it it supposed to cool off then WOOOO HOOOOO it is more product evaluation time... And more riding....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warming up in midwest

Well the past 2 days have been warm 40's woooHoooo so the snow bike is put away and the fendered bike is out... 700c with fenders lot of fun to ride you go fast still safe and stay dry....
I know were still in for more Midwest winter so the studded tires not coming off the lefty yet!

It's not summer so you still have to dress right..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Results for Continantal Nordic Spike & Spike Claw Studded Tires


At first I was a bit hesitant in riding studded tires, I assumed they would be heavy and slow but there not! They are a bit heavy.... There studded! However they are fast and well the extra confidence that they give on the road is just another edge on safety, making winter riding more fun!
They hold pressure and even though we don't know how there going to wear yet for the safety and traction it doesn't matter if I had to buy a new pair a year they would be worth it... But if stored right you should get a few years of winter riding on them.

here is a link to Continental's site Continental Tires


If there is any Questions on this product or any other product you have seen us test or would like us to test just shoot us a e-mail.

Thank you to Continental and our rep at Highway Two.. seriously great tires for a great safe ride!

I do ride Conti tires on my road bike too the Grand Prix 4000S are great Tires we will be looking at may tires for summer

This product gets our gold star!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Our Giro rep came through for us to do a Product Evaluation on Giro's new Proof gloves here is some information from there site:


A dedicated glove for winter rides and commutes in freezing conditions (30° F / 0° C). The Proof insulates your hands from the cold with a waterproof, breathable shell lined with Thinsulate™ XT-S, with X-Static® anti-microbial performance. Plus a removable moisture-wicking inner liner that can also be worn on its own when temperatures are mild. It’s a double dose of warmth that won’t compromise dexterity or weigh you down.

In the next week we will be testing them and will let you know the results. So far they seem warm, good mobility and great grippers, kinda feels like lizard skin grip tape in a way... sticky with great grip and the liner has some great grippers and actually stays in place good too.

We will let you know....

We are working on the Evaluation of the Continental Nordic Spike Studded tires, THERE AWESOME!

If there's a product you would like us to test just contact us anytime.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great turn out......

Tristin and I on behalf of Wheel & Sprocket in Brookfield thank those who showed up for the clinic.
It was nice to see people have a interest in what we do
Tristan and I enjoyed sharing some of what we know and hoped it helped people understand Winter Riding..
Here are a few pics from the Clinic tonight..

Tristan and I........ Tristan is in the orange.
People actually listening to me..

Nick sharing some of his knowledge of riding on snow and ice, Check out Russell Jobs Pugsley.... Cool bike.
Nick always will to share..
That Pugsley is so cool.... And fun to ride.

Thanks again keep following our rides.
We are going to do product evaluations... So keep watching our blog.
Feel free to contact us for any Questions or if your looking for any special clinics, just ask.


Tonight's Winter Riding Clinic covers lot of stuff but mostly it is about safety and riding smart....


When weather is like this if you can get a ride, that is smart.....
Anytime it is this sub cold if you can avoid outdoors go for it.
I ride usually 365 well some days off.... But when it is this cold and someones going my way I'll take the ride.. I conciser that smart. Please join us tonight and see some good tips on winter riding and bike maintenance so you and your bike make it through this cold snowy winter.

Also use the Milwaukee County Bus System all the Milwaukee County Buses have Bike Racks on them it is only $2.25 to ride a semi warm bus.. Lots of times I will ride to somewhere and bus home or Ride, Bus, Ride. Always have $2.25 or a bus pass with ya and you will always have a ride.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stiiiiillll Riding!

It may be cold out...

But that doesn't mean you have to stop riding.

Find out how to stay on the bike all winter long at Wheel & Sprocket Brookfield's Winter Cycling Clinic. Tomorrow night starting at 6:30.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post SuperBowl

Great day... Rode to work instructed the Sunday morning cycling class, was a great ride most of the streets are plowed then worked a few hours and seen a great football game... Tomorrow last day before the cold snap i think ill explore this new city of Tosa.... if anyone up for a ride on Monday go ahead and shoot me a e-mail....

Super Bowl Sunday

Well it is 25 degrees still snowy roads so ill be taking the Snow Bike (Studded Tired Cannondale Lefty) To work. Today and tomorrow supposed to be warmer out but Tues.and wed. back to single digit highs. Cover up ride smart and stay warm!
Please remember the Winter Riding Clinic at Wheel $ Sprocket in Brookfield WI.
Wed.Feb.9th... Everyone is invited.


Keep your tires on the ground and enjoy your ride...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Driving Dilema

Which looks easier to dig out the bike or the car?

Hmmm, looks like a good day to be on a bike. Pugsley riders unite!

Just had to ride today

Well woke up a few times in the night winds were like 60mph woke up to... Lot of snow!

So since I have nothing in my house to eat and the streets are fairly clear I thought i would go for a ride...

Well that kinda Sucked, Rode by Teds on North on way to my friend Nicks 3 blocks west and it was open. But when I got back by there they were closed, The worst part was seeing people still eating and drinking COFFEE.. It smelled awsum.
But the door was locked! I did not look that strange!
So it was a loaf of bread and OJ.. From the gas station. ;( Back about 6 blocks west

So it was about 3 or 4 blocks to Nicks, 2 blocks back to find out Teds was closed then back about 6 blocks to the gas station then back the 6+ blocks home
Did get a lil ride in on this, the snowiest day in many years... Lefty with Conti Studs Worked Awsum!

I know I hate to see all that XTR in the snow but it is flawless....
Cant tell that bike is almost 12 years old...

WOOOOHOOOOOO i rode on the snowiest day of the year...

Blizzard in Milwaukee Wi.

Well I don't think I can ride today even with the Studded tires... There's over 20" of snow now and 50mph winds, If they clear the roads I'll try to ride.... I don't think work will even open, all schools closed and they have called a State of Emergency.
It is 3:30 am and the wind is whipping away and the snow is looking awsum....

News just broke in and poor weather man looks tired!

wow steady wind is 43 MPH and gusts at over 60mph..... WooooHoooooooo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Riding in a Winter Wonderland

I decided today would be a great day to test my winter riding skills and road all eleven miles to work through the snow. This was the view of my street as I started out. On days like today I highly recommend some cross country skying gators to keep the snow out of you shoes. Between pushing my bike over snowbanks and being sprayed by passing traffic I had snow all the way up to my knees and was glad to have them.