Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ray's MTB, Indoor Winter Cycling

Greetings fellow winter cyclists.  I have a confession to make, as of yesterday when I rode to work it had been 9 days since I had ridden outside.  My apologies, but in my defense it's because I started working part time at this place, Ray's indoor MTB park.  I usually work there in the afternoons after my shift at Wheel & Sprocket so in order for me to ride to work I would have to take this route.
I'm sorry to say that's just a little too much for me especially on a day that I work 12 hours already.  But that means I've been getting in a fair amount of riding at the park.  If you've never been to Ray's MTB I highly recommend it.  Very family friendly and it offers terrain for every level of rider, so you can bring your hybrid riding wife and your street BMXing son there and they'll both have a good time (sorry if that was a gross generalization).  If you have been there before come check it out again.  The Pro riders for Clif Bar were just in town riding to shoot a new video as well a painting a sweet new mural in the pump track.
But not all of us Wisconsin winter riders have been so lazy check out this ice beard picture from my buddy Ronsta's blog.
You can find Ronsta's blog at http://lcmtb.blogspot.com/
Thanks for the sweet pic Ronsta! See you at Ray's!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

11 Miles in 11 Degrees

  Remember the weather last weekend?  Yeah I rode to work in that.
Notice the studded tires, a must for that day.  I wore my rain suit and snowboard helmet with fleece pants and two base layers and a sweater underneath as well as the Gore balaclava.  I was plenty warm except for my feet.  Even the Lake LX140 boots weren't enough, maybe with a show cover over them.

With a high of 41 degrees today though I think I'll be riding my road bike.  A pretty uneventful winter this year, or should I say 6 months of spring.  Who says you need to go south to find warm weather, this year it seams to have never left Wisconsin.